5:38 AM

I have not slept yet. Besides the two hours after i fell asleep. It’s 2am and i start to play animal crossing. And then it’s 4am and i start to watch Skins season 4 effys episode (second to last of the season). I’m thinking to myself -just like old times-. Being up this late reminds me of summer 2012. When I’d stay up till sunrise watching indie romance / adolescent films and skins. Every single day. Eating strawberry mochi ice cream or Daelmans caramel stroopwafels I’d get from the Asian market. Very fond memories.
At 5am i looked out my window. I could see dawn peeking behind the trees. I wanted to go outside so i put on willows harness and took him for a walk. the blue and purple sky with pink clouds and the hills in the distance. The crisp 5am air was something i longed to feel on my skin, something i longed to smell again. I’ve missed this. So much. There’s something about the air here that feels so special to me. Nostalgia. Walking outside to 59 degree early morning weather and the smell of wet soil and plants filled my lungs with joy and comfort. I love being here. I’ve missed being here. I hope for more nights like this. goodnight.