1:30 PM

some days I’m full of life, energetic, feeling good. But then some days i feel stuck. Lazy. Depressed. Anxious. Unmotivated. I can’t move. I feel heavy. Like if an unseen force is holding me down—weighing on me. Paralyzing me. My mind has so many ideas so many thoughts. imagination. Boy do i have a big imagination. Always day dreaming always picturing what i want my life to be like. But those thoughts are suddenly and abruptly stopped because of the one thing that eats away at my brain. anxiety. It’s hard to want to continue living when i can’t atop thinking about the future and -what if i still feel like this when i ... , what if i have a panic attack during ..., what if i never get better, what if i can’t pay my bills because of this, what if i can’t go out and see friends because of this, what if ..., what if ..., what if....- its been such a huge battle with my mental health. I’m trying every day to get better. Some days i feel like i can’t fight anymore, i don’t want to live like this, but then other times i feel like i can conquer anything and get my life back. It’s exhausting. truly so exhausting. I can only hope and keep working on myself during these really hard and scary time in the world so i will be better when i move back home. God i hope I’m better. I want nothing more than to be and feel better.

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