4:56 PM

sitting outside. 67 degrees. I haven't been out like this in months. I've been fighting a really tough battle mentally lately. it's been hard to leave my room, check the mail, come outside.
but today, here I am. sitting outside. 11am came and I put on shorts, took my shoes off and just came to the little backyard area of my home. it's 4:35pm and I am still outside. bliss.

sitting in the sun
feeling the warmth touch my face
the breeze brush past my skin
I get chills
not because i'm cold
but because this is what my body has needed
what my body has been longing for
fresh air, the sun, the breeze
all of it.
I came outside walked around barefoot on the cement walking paths
stepping my feet onto the stepstones in the pool of rocks
hopping from one stone to another.
barefoot, sun kissing my skin, the air filling my lungs
I feel childlike
I feel happy

I watered the plants, they were thirsty
played with my dogs, they were excited
I ate lunch outside, painted my nails and toenails outside,
danced around in the sunlight, feeling the breeze,
listening to the palm trees leaves nudge each other in the wind
its like magic
I feel so good today
I actually can't remember the last time i've felt this good, this peaceful.


here's something to bring you a little magic today.

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