2 journals.

11:38 PM

i have two places. two places i hold dear to my heart. two places i pour out my thoughts and feelings and experiences. one of these places is right here. right at this very page on this website you have clicked on. the other place is another link. a link i will not share. and only because there is no point in sharing. there is no point to tell whatever soul that reads my writings because it is password protected and no one will ever get into it. so i guess, if i wanted to, i could share the link. but no one would be able to see a single thing besides a bar in the middle of the screen that reads "Enter password". that place, is my most special. my most deep.
there are some things i am able to share publicly, not knowing if anyone even reads, but i choose to make some of my writings public (here) just because. sometimes you dont need a reason to do something. you dont need to explain your reason, if you have one. this, here, is where i write and am not afraid to show the world. my other place, is just far more personal and only belongs to me. i love having these two places. i feel safe.

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