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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Almost an hour & a half into this 8 hour flight to Keflavík, Iceland. My first time on board with an international airline. The airplane is purple. More like fuchsia, I suppose. The women flight attendants are so pretty. At first, I thought they were American. But then, I heard two of them speaking to each other in Icelandic. Fascinating—I think to myself. Here, on this airline, since it is an Icelandic airline, the legal drinking age is 20. I was a little excited about that. I did think for a second if I wanted to buy a drink for myself; I did not. I did buy a 7up though. All the words on the can were in Icelandic. Amazing. There is a slight difference in taste. It seems as if it is stale or old. But not bad enough to not drink. It was 300 isk. My first Icelandic purchase was 7up on this plane.
Holy cow, how are these Icelandic women so darn pretty!?

2 hours down. I am now listening to Ólafur Arnalds' Living Room Songs album & reading Our Endless Numbered Days. I am starting chapter 5. The chapter where the real story begins. I find comfort in piano music while reading. It's so soothing to me & I feel it is the best thing you can feed your soul when reading.

It is now almost the 5th hour on this flight. Watching the sky turn from blue to pink to purple, to a mix of all three & then to a darker blue is quite beautiful. The way the earth works is just breathtaking. During these past 5 hours, I've been surviving hunger only with original Chex mix & chocolate chip granola bars. I am starving. Craving some vegan food!

During the 2nd hour to now, I've taken naps, read, listened to music, (as of right now I am listening to crystal castles). I am so ready to get off this plane. 2 hours & 40 minutes left to go!
It's 9:30pm PST (says my phone) & the sky is changing color again. It went from the deep blue to a light pinkish orange. It's so incredible flying through different time zones. I'm in awe.

About 2 hours left until I land in Keflavík. It's so odd knowing how early in the morning it is wherever we are flying through & it's completely daylight outside when it should be dawn.

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