Oh, Daughter.

8:41 PM

A few nights ago I had the pleasure of watching an amazing band play live. Daughter. I felt sick and exhausted from working all day but I stuck through the entire show with my dear friend, Alize. We were so happy and excited to watch them play. Elena, oh sweet Elena.. The vocalist of daughter, she was such a precious being. Her entirety her lovely shy soul, sipping on tea & singing so beautifully. Pure beauty is all she is. Her humbling voice when she talks to the crowd, her shyness & laughter made my heart fill with joy. As they were playing, I noticed an elderly man standing in front to the right of me with his eyes closed, there he was dancing, swaying side to side with droplets of sweat on his forehead and his cheeks; taking in the ethereal music everyone in the room was also listening to. I looked at him for a bit, knowing he's having a wonderful time, dancing, listening.
I took many videos and photos and was praying to God they'd play one of my favorite songs, "Love". but hat did not happen. although, i was okay with it. Every song they played, every break and every movement of them was the epitome of beauty. I'm not sure how else to describe it. It was such an amazing performance. When they were playing "smother", oh boy.. Oh boy did those words "I'm sorry if I smothered you" break my heart. I felt it deep in my chest. Like stones being tossed in a well. It was so beautiful yet heart breaking. I'm so grateful I got to watch them play live.
Here's a "numbers" by Daughter.

Here's "final" by the amazing band that opened for daughter, Wilsen. Pure talent.
Beautiful music, beautiful souls.

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