Little thoughts on Love

12:04 AM

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul
& makes us reach for more;
that plants a fire in our hearts
& brings peace to our minds."
-Walt Whitman
What is true love? I think quite a few people get mixed up with love and lust or infatuation. Ive known some who believe love to be where you spend all your days with the person whom they "love", where you talk to them every second of the day, where you spend loads of money on them, where you pretend to enjoy things they enjoy just so they like you more — the list goes on, I guess. But for me, oh for me; I believe true love is infinite. It comes from the root of your heart and soul. It's letting the other person do what's best for them, it's laying on a roof at 2am counting all the stars in the sky with them because they can't sleep, it's deep conversations about anything and everything, it's making tea for them when they're sick, it's sharing your favorite books, it's telling them to drive safe and "text me when you get home", it's letting them be when you aren't the one they want, it's putting flowers in their hair, it's where you look at them a way you've never looked at anyone else, it's answering the phone at 4:30am when they had a nightmare and need your comfort, it's driving to them to give them a hug to let them know "it's okay, I'm here", it's putting their needs before yours, it's never being selfish. I could go on and on and on about my beliefs on love. This goes for anyone; not just a significant other, a soulmate. Love, oh pure sweet love, in all of its beauty, it is a wonderful thing. To love and to be loved. Deeply and truly. By friends, by family, by strangers, by "the one".

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