Friday Morning

10:52 AM

I woke up promptly at 10:01am. it was a nice atmosphere, a little cold, cold enough to where it felt comfortable. My pup still on my bed, sleeping and lightly snoring away by my feet over the blankets. ah, this is what i enjoy feeling and seeing. my dog still on my bed with me when i wake up. she's too tiny to jump onto my bed when she jumps off. so it's a lovely feeling. i opened my curtains (just above my head) a little so, just to have a peep of light poke through into my room, it was gloomy. my favorite. my mother and her girlfriend went away to vegas yesterday for the weekend and i have to say, i do love these weekends alone to my self. this isn't unusual, they usually leave to vegas multiple times a year. so i get to stay here, loving my dog and taking care of our home. it's a beautiful and calming feeling when i am able to be here alone; no yelling, no arguing, no physical hurt, no mental abuse, nothing negative. just me. just breathing. me. i love this. i find peace in solitude. at night, it does get a little lonely and i do get a tad scared. but only knowing i will be alone at nights for pretty much a long time once i move out on my own.

Last night i baked lavender cupcakes, unfrosted. weird right? not weird to me! i didn't have enough ingredients to make the frosting this time, as i do bake from scratch. oh the cupcakes turned out lovely. lavender is my absolute favorite. i ate 4 last night. shared with my little chunky loving dog, Prada.

Today, i plan on finding the perfect rose pink yarn for a wall hanging i will be weaving for a nice older lady. back in november, i was vending at my local Art Crawl which is like an art walk in my towns downtown. a lady walked to my tent and was interested in my work. sweet older lady, possibly around 50/60's. she was deaf so she was signing to me. luckily, i took 2 ASL classes in my first years of college, although i didn't remember everything, i was able to figure out what she wanted. she had asked me if i could make her a custom one for her living room. "off white, perfect rose pink" is what she wants. i gave her my email so we can keep in contact and i can do that for her. she didn't email once. until a few days ago. and how lovely, her email typings were in pink! asking if i remembered her and of course i did. i can't wait to make this wonderful piece of work of mine to have up in her home. i hope she loves it.

the wool roving i use is from australia. you can find more here.

the sweet lady asked me to do a replica of this hanging (my latest and my favorite)
but with the colors she desires. this will be a fun project.

another i've made (possibly a week or two ago)

Happy Friday!

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