Another flight

8:54 PM

Again, i almost missed my flight. Again, i was the last passenger. My lungs hurt so much from running to my gate. I got to sit in the aisle seat. There is a young man wearing a pink dog collar with a doggie bone tag around his neck and very squiggly chin hair sitting next to the window and an empty seat beside me in the middle (thank goodness). This isn’t even my seat but luckily, there was a few seats left so I was able to sit here. I kept coughing from my lungs hurting because of running so much. The runway was icy and had large snow clusters which made the airplane slide a bit.
We take off into the 25 degree sky. i’m hungry. i’m thirsty. I brought voodoo donuts; one normal glazed and one captain crunch. which i ate the normal glaze while on the plane and drank ginger ale.. yum! I had no water but i had tea bags. All i needed was some hot water but i didn’t end up asking for any. i was fine with ginger ale.
I can still taste him on my lips. “i love you” were the three words he whispered to me in my ear as we were hugging and saying our goodbyes. i can still smell the home scent from my best friend. another “i love you” and i, “i love you too”. they waited there in the security line until i got passed it. sweet of them to wait knowingly i was about to miss my flight.
There i was, sitting alone. missing two of the most important beings in my life.


2:54 PM

I was running late. Of course. Like usual. I got to the airport around 8:30 (aka my boarding time) and stood in a long security line. I rapidly made my way to my gate and by the time i got to the door of the plane, i was out of breath and barely made it. But i made it. Thank goodness. My colorado trips mean so much to me. It’s a getaway. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s what I need.

Taking off, as I’m sitting here in the aisle seat, i am listening to City and Colour's Bring Me Your Love album. As we’re accelerating into the sky flying above the ocean, the morning sun is shining down onto the water creating a bright reflection through the window just two seats to the left of me. It’s beautiful. It gets brighter and slowly starts to cover the part of the ocean i can see through the small plexiglass. Soon there’s a bright light shining right on me and the two other passengers beside me. The most prettiest light i have seen.

I have no expectations with this trip. Nothing is really planned. I guess we will just do whatever and explore where ever. I guess the temperature is supposed to range from 38-65 degrees while i am in colorado. I am full of bliss. I can’t wait to see my best friend. I can’t wait to see Ozzy. I can’t wait see aspen trees. I can’t wait to be in a place I feel I belong. It’s been 23 minutes since I took off on this plane. 1 hour and 42 minutes left on this plane.

We’ve been soaring through clouds the majority of the time. It’s beautiful to see just white/grey fluff outside the window. Although I am enjoying the view, I am suffering because it is that time of the month.. unfortunately. One of the most annoying things that have to come with being a lady. Major cramps are going to kill me right now. I’ve been on this flight for an hour and twenty minutes. 40 more minutes to go! By the time I post this I will most likely already be in colorado and settled in. See you soon, Denver.