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My trip to colorado went completely different than what eleanor and i had planned. this being because we were both terribly sick and felt unwell for the first two days i was there. our plans: Boulder falls and Hanging lake. what we did: nothing but a trip to urgent care and stayed in bed. by day 3 we were okay enough to go out and explore.. thank goodness.
Hearing the wind whistling through the trees the way they did completely amazed me. It was beautiful.
It was saddening we couldn't do too much because we were under the weather. but this won't be the last time i go to colorado. this won't be the last time i see my best friend. there will be more days. more days to explore. more days to laugh. more days to stay up for all hours of the night with her and talk about everything. more days to wake up early and watch the sunrise. more days to do everything. i feel so blessed to have a friend like ellie in my life. she has a beautiful soul and she's more like a sister to me than anything else. i love her so dearly and I'm so incredibly thankful to know her the way i do.

This night. this night was a nice night. met a sweet girl and spent a few hours with her and eleanor. i can say she is one of the loveliest ladies i have met. i can't wait to see her again and talk some more.

The fly back home. oh, i was not ready. i was not ready to go back "home" to california. but the flight was nice. so many clouds i flew through. looking out the window and seeing the cotton-like clouds was astonishing. i imagined myself flying alone through them and feeling the softness as if they had any texture at all. i imagined a light fresh sent of lavender and cool breeze flying through the white lumps of fluff. oh how lovely that daydream was.

Here's my new obsession.

Days until autumnal equinox: 3

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