7:00 PM

I woke up this morning by my alarm on my phone. Beeping at 7:50am. I got out of bed, turned on my light, picked up my dog, and walked through the hallway, through the kitchen, to the patio. Set her down and let her do her business. I walked into the living room. The front door cracked just a bit to see the sunlight and let the cool morning breeze in. The weather was beautiful. It hadn't been this beautiful in months. I wish I was able to sit outside and enjoy it but I had to drag myself to my bathroom and start getting ready for work. I left my apartment at 9:15am, same time as always when I work morning shifts. It was a nice slow walk to my car. I took in the air, the chill, the beautifulness of the morning. I absolutely cannot wait for autumn. Although, Southern California weather isn't very great in my opinion, I am still looking forward to it. 

Days until autumnal equinox: 31

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