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Lately i've been spending my days staying in doors, cool with the a/c on, and reading a novel. of course before or when i am not working. The book i have been reading recently is one i quite enjoy. I bought it while i was in colorado at a place called $2 Buck Books. Probably my favorite book store there and i am so ready to go back and find other great novels to purchase!

This novel is unlike any one i have read before. This one is empowering, passionate, tender love story about a couple over 60. Delighted to find out what else is in store for the rest of the pages i have yet to read.
This dress i adore so much. And lovely empty floral cards i got from the Celestial Seasonings tea company gift shop in Boulder, CO.
My 8.4 pound yorkshire terrier has unfortunately caught fleas so i gave her a long bath (in which she did not like one bit), suds-ing her in flea shampoo and then aloe and oatmeal shampoo to smell pretty. I love having her clean, flea free, and happy not irritated by bites and bugs crawling. After her bath, i wrapped her in her towel and held her in my arms. her eyes closed, kissing her forehead and petting her. looking at her and hearing her snore and feel her wet hair seeping through her towel onto my nightgown and to my skin, i felt, i knew, i am a mother. I am a mother because i take care of her. I nurture her. I take her to the vet when she needs her shots or when I'm concerned about her. I take her to get groomed and to play at the dog park. I bathe her, play with her, pet her, love her. She is the light of my life. She is the joy i feel when i come home after a shift or a long stressful and tiring day. I am in love with her.

Days until autumnal equinox: 27

//this is one of my favorite movies

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